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Christmas lottery: taxes and legal aspects


Christmas Lottery Taxes

You may be wondering what taxes you have to pay if you win the Christmas Lottery. In that case, you should know that State Lotteries and Bets will retain 20% of the award and pay it on your behalf to Treasury from prizes of more than 40,000 euros.

  • The jackpot prize of the Christmas Lottery is 400,000 euros/dececimo. However, if you are one of the lucky ones to win it, you will receive a total of 328,000 euros/dececimo because the Treasury will take 72,000 euros/dececimo.
  • A the second prize winners125,000 euros/tenths will receive 108,000 euros/tenths.
  • While of the third prize (50,000 euros/tenths, the Treasury will receive 26,000 euros/tenths and the winners will keep 48,000 euros/tenths.

Therefore, if you have won a prize of a value not exceeding this amount (40,000 euros), you will not have to pay tax.

Christmas lottery: legal aspects

Collecting a winning lottery ticket that you do not own

In the event that a person takes possession of a winning lottery ticket and collects it without owning it, he/she would be committing an offence. offence of theft, robbery or misappropriation, depending on the manner in which it was seized. In the most common case, taking possession of a shared lottery ticket could be an offence of misappropriation, set out in the Article 253 of the Penal Code:

1. Those who, to the detriment of another, appropriate for themselves or for a third party, money, effects, securities or any other movable thing, which they have received in deposit, commission or custody, or which have been entrusted to them by virtue of any other title which produces the obligation to hand them over or return them, or who deny having received them, shall be punished with the penalties of Article 249 or, where appropriate, Article 250, unless they are already punished with a more serious penalty in another provision of this Code.

If the amount of the appropriated funds does not exceed 400 euros, a fine of one to three months shall be imposed.

Sharing a lottery ticket: two factors to take into account

  • As mentioned above, keeping a shared lottery ticket is considered to be misappropriation offence. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that the names of the people participating in the lottery be written down in an shared lottery contract or, alternatively, in a document which shows a photocopy of the tenth ticket, as well as the names and ID of those who buy it.
  • TaxesWhen collecting the prize, it is important to go together to the administration office and identify yourselves as the legitimate owners, because if only one person receives the prize and distributes it from their bank account, it will be considered a donation and the tax authorities will claim it back. gift tax per person.
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