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Criminal Lawyer in Malaga

Our criminal law department has criminal lawyers in Malaga highly specialised lawyers who will help you to solve your problems related to all types of crimes, with special emphasis on the intervention in crimes of gender violence, which unfortunately continue to be a scourge in our country.

If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in Malaga our long history is our guarantee, both defending victims and defending our clients when they have been accused of committing such crimes.

We assist both those arrested for these and other crimes, defending the accused, as well as the private prosecution of the victims. We work as a team with the clientThe procedure will be carried out by the company, informing you at all times of every step of the procedure, always in full confidentiality.

We are professionals and we protect all the constitutional rights of all our clients. We will be with you every step of the wayWe will consider and rehearse all options to provide a solid criminal defence or prosecution, as the case may be. We will report in detail every step we take. Throughout our career and thanks to our experience over the years, our best criminal lawyers will be your fundamental and decisive help. 


We have professional lawyers specialising in criminal law in Malaga at your disposal to satisfy any need you may have in the administrative and/or judicial field, offering our services to represent and assist you in any matter, both in the province of Malaga and in the rest of Spain.

  • Traffic accidents, drink-driving, disobedience, refusal of assistance and all offences against traffic safety.
  • 24-hour assistance to detainees at the police station and in the Duty Court.
  • Claims for compensation.
  • Violence against women and domestic violence, abuse and aggression.
  • Public health offences.
  • Complaints and grievances.
  • Judicial proceedings: speedy trial, summary proceedings, summary proceedings and jury.
  • Assistance to the detainee: "Habeas corpus".
  • Injuries, homicides and murders.
  • Economic crime, robbery, fraud, theft, misappropriation.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Coercion, threats, harassment, insults and slander.
  • Documentary falsehoods, false testimony.
  • Juvenile proceedings. Breach of sentence.
  • Appeals, cassation and amparo.
  • Crimes of abandonment of family and minors.
  • Third Degree, Conditional Release, Pardon or change of Prison.
best criminal lawyer in malaga

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Criminal Lawyer in Malaga

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