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Family Lawyers in Malaga

The branch of law that regulates both personal and economic/marital aspects related to the institution of the family.

It is of the utmost importance to have lawyers who are experts in family law and to receive appropriate advice, not only once the relationship has ended, but also beforehand, through pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements, to regulate the financial aspects of the marriage or cohabitation.

In the case of children, the advice of lawyers specialised in this area is key, as the relationship between children and parents must be regulated (custody, use of accommodation, alimonys...) by laying down measures to be adapted to theaThe children's financial situation will be adapted to current and future circumstances until the children are financially independent.

Within the branch of Family Law, our family lawyers in Malaga will advise and guide you at all times, with absolute proximity and confidentiality, always safeguarding your interests and those of your children, providing our services throughout the national territory in matters of guardianship, incapacitation, emancipation, liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, adoptions, foster care, as well as other matters included in the list of services.


We have professional lawyers specialising in FAMILY LAW in Malaga at your disposal to satisfy any need you may have in the administrative and/or judicial field, offering our services to represent and assist you in any matter, both in the province of Malaga and in the rest of Spain.

  • Divorce and separation.
  • Custody of minors and pets.
  • Visiting arrangements.
  • Maintenance payments .
  • Compensatory pensions.
  • Allocation of the family home.
  • Marital Property Division.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Paternity and filiation.
  • Judicial adoption proceedings.
  • Change of name or surname.
  • Notarial matrimonial proceedings.
  • Notarial divorce proceedings
Family Lawyers in Malaga

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Family Lawyers in Malaga

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