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Real Estate Lawyers

From Ódice AbogadosWe offer a comprehensive, professional and personalised service to guarantee the successful purchase or sale of your property.

We have expert real estate advisors/agents to help you find the property you want and that best suits your needs.

Our lawyers specialising in real estate law will accompany you throughout the whole process, from the beginning to the signing of the purchase-sale, informing you at all times, and in detail, of the process in which the operation is being carried out.

We will advise you in negotiations relating to the acquisition, development, promotion, rental, sale and boundaries of real property in order to conduct such negotiations and protect your rights to the property.

We also provide assistance services in the claim or defence of your rights before the Courts, in those conflicts that arise as a consequence of the purchase and sale of properties, constitution or extinction of condominiums, registration or cancellation of charges that encumber the property, declarations of ownership, easements, among others.

Contact us so that our real estate lawyers can advise you and answer your questions.


We have professional lawyers specialising in REAL ESTATE LAW in Malaga at your disposal to satisfy any need you may have in the administrative and/or judicial field, offering our services to represent and assist you in any matter, both in the province of Malaga and in the rest of Spain.

  • Assistance in the purchase and sale of homes and other properties.
  • Management of documentation necessary for the purchase and sale of properties.
  • Preliminary research on the legal and registration status of properties.
  • Cancellation of liens and encumbrances.
  • Control of receipts and payments in accordance with the law on the prevention of money laundering.
  • Change of ownership in supplies and taxes.
  • Registration in the Holiday Dwellings Register.
  • Assistance in applying for loans and mortgages.
  • Recovery of amounts paid on account of the purchase of housing.
  • Assistance and processing of the contradictory expert appraisal procedure for complementary liquidations of the tax agency, after the purchase of a property.
Real Estate Law Real Estate Lawyers Malaga

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Real Estate Lawyers

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