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How to apply for the DNI as a naturalised citizen in Spain 2023


Applying for a DNI in Spain is a compulsory procedure if you have already been granted nationality, as it is the document that accredits your identity and personal details, as well as your Spanish nationality.

Below, we will explain how to apply for your DNI as a naturalised citizen in Spain for the first time in a simple and safe way.

Requirements for applying for the DNI as a naturalised citizen in Spain

First issue of the DNI

To obtain the DNI as a naturalised person, you must request an appointment through the following website citapreviadni.es or call 060 and go to an Dispatch Office. In addition, it is important to remember that on the day of the appointment, the physical presence of the person to whom it is to be issued is essential.

DNI as naturalised

Documents required to apply for a DNI as a naturalised person in Spain

  • Verbatim birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office concerned.
  • Certificate of census registration of the City Councilissued no more than three months before the date of application for the DNI.
  • If the holder of the DNI is children under the age of 14 years or persons with legal capacityIn order to apply for the DNI as a naturalised person, the presence of the person with parental authority or guardianship is required.
  • A recent photograph taken from the front with the head completely uncovered, without dark glasses or any other garment or accessory that could prevent or hinder the identification of the person. Specifications: plain white background and dimensions 32×26 mm.

What are the fees for obtaining or renewing the DNI as a national in Spain?

The issuing of the DNI has a cost of 12€. to be paid in cash on the day of the appointment or by using the payment by telematically on the website citapreviadnie.es.

This price is maintained in the event of renewal or new procurement due to loss, theft or damage.

However, if it is a renewal due to a change of data (parentage and/or address) or when it is accredited as a beneficiary of the status of member of a large family, there will be no charge for this procedure.

Renew the DNI in Spain 2023

All Spaniards are obliged to have a valid National Identity Card. It is therefore important to be aware of the expiry date of your National Identity Card and to know the renewal dates:

  • When the person is under 30 years of ageis renewed every 5 years.
  • When the person is 30 years old or older, the renewal period is every 10 years.

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