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Inheritance Lawyers

Our lawyers specialising in inheritance in Malaga will accompany you in all inheritance procedures following the death of a person. We understand the situation in which the relatives find themselves at such a difficult time, in addition to the total lack of knowledge they have about the obligations imposed on them by the authorities. Public AdministrationsThe deceased is the heir of the deceased (the deceased person), both autonomous and local, by virtue of being the heir of the deceased.

Our specialists in inheritance law are a great ally for families at this time. The majority of clients who come to our office have never heard of the Declaration of heirs, intestate succession, intestate succession, intestate succession or partitional notebook.

The same applies to the so-called capital gains or, in other words, to the so-called capital gains, Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land. 

We will inform you of everything in a clear and precise manner, with terminology that is easy to understand for those who are not familiar with the world of law. We want our clients to leave our office with all their doubts resolved. Our first objective is to convey peace of mind and confidence, to make you see that we are the best qualified lawyers to deal with this matter effectively.

During the course of all procedures, our clients will be informed of the steps being taken, those that have been completed and those that are still pending.

All the necessary documentation and information will be requested by our professionals.


We have professional lawyers specialising in inheritance law in Malaga at your disposal to satisfy any need you may have in the administrative and/or judicial field, offering our services to represent and assist you in any matter, both in the province of Malaga and in the rest of Spain.

  • Drafting and assistance in Wills.
  • Declarations of Heirs (national and international).
  • Processing and obtaining the necessary documentation for inheritance (national and international).
  • Life insurance research.
  • Research on the Last Will and Testament.
  • Processing and realisation of national and international inheritances.
  • Preparation of partition booklet
  • Preparation of draft deed of acceptance and adjudication of inheritance
  • Attendance at the notary's office accompanying the heirs or signing the deed on behalf of the heirs
  • Settlement and filing of Inheritance Tax.
  • Settlement and presentation of municipal capital gains tax
  • Processing of bank probate proceedings
  • Change of ownership of utilities, taxes and fees in favour of the heirs.
  • Change of ownership of vehicles
Inheritance Lawyers

Other Specialities

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Inheritance Lawyers

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