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Tax Law: Taxation (Residents and Non-Residents)


Tax Lawyer in Malaga

Branch of law related to taxation. Our team includes specialised lawyers and collaborating economists, assisting both residents and non-residents, self-employed or companies, throughout the country.We provide a personalised tax advice and planning service and take care of any tax declarations and settlements that the client may require.

We also offer a personalised service to clients acquiring, renting or selling any type of property, assisting them with their tax obligations.

This is a matter of particular importance, especially for those who do not reside in Spain, as they are also obliged to file tax returns if they have a property here for their enjoyment, or if they rent it out or sell it.

Also, in our office you will find the best tax lawyer in MálagaThe company has the necessary technical expertise to defend your rights before management bodies or inspections.


We have professional lawyers specialising in TAX LAW in Malaga at your disposal to satisfy any need you may have in the administrative and/or judicial field, offering our services to represent and assist you in any matter, both in the province of Malaga and in the rest of Spain.

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Resident and non-resident taxes.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty, Stamp Duty and Corporate Transactions
  • Capital gains.
  • Corporate taxation.
  • Claiming back undue income/payments from the Public Administration
  • Appeals against fines and penalties.
  • Appeals against supplementary tax assessments by the Tax Agency
  • Claims for capital gains and other municipal taxes.
tax lawyer in malaga

Other Specialities

Our large team has extensive legal experience and diversified practice in a wide range of legal disciplines.


Tax Lawyer in Malaga

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