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The definitive list of names banned in Spain in 2023


When you have to choose the name of your son or daughter, in addition to dealing with personal tastes and preferences, you should also be aware that, nowadays, there is a wide range of names for your son or daughter. legal rules and limits which give rise to a number of prohibited names in Spain.

In this sense, the names of newborns in Spain have been regulated on the basis of the law of 8 June 1957 on Civil RegistrationThe new law, which has become increasingly lax as it has been amended over the years, has been repealed by the current one. Law 20/2011, of 21 July, on the Civil Register.

In fact, until a few years ago, only Christian names were allowed. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to find original names, inspired by famous people or fictional characters.

However, as we have said, although the choice of name for newborns is free, it is regulated. For this reason, we will now take a legal tour of the law and explain which names are rejected by the Civil Registry and why.

names banned in Spain in 2023

Names in Spain: legal aspects

The Article 50 of the current Civil Status Registration Act establishes as a right for all persons to have a proper name. However, the Article 51 of the current Civil Registry Act and the Article 192 of the Civil Status Registry Regulationsdetermine which types of names are not allowed in our country. 

In addition, it is important to point out that parents must register the newborn at the Civil Registry within a maximum of 8 days. natural children after birth. Otherwise, the official may choose the name at random.

Names prohibited by law in Spain 

Full names of famous people

If you decide to register your son or daughter with full names that are famous, such as Iker Casillas, Indiana Jones, Rafa Nadal, Leo Messi and Tina Turnerwill be rejected. 

However, if the surname of one of the parents coincides with that of the famous person and you want to use only the first name, this will be accepted.

For example, if your surname is Gabilondo, you can name your son Iñaki and have his full name be like the famous Spanish journalist.

Names with negative connotations

Names with negative connotations that may be detrimental to the dignity of the person are banned. This group includes names that may cause harm to the child and may be the object of ridicule and mockery: Cain, Stalin, Lucifer or Judas; Poo, Spawn or Madman.

Names composed of more than two names

The law prohibits a name to be composed of more than two simple names or more than one compound name. Thus, names such as Ana Lucía María or Francisco José Javier are excluded.

Acronyms and diminutives

The Civil Registry does not accept names created from abbreviations, acronyms or diminutives such as JAM (Juan Antonio Manuel), Pepita, Luisillo or Juanito.

Same name between siblings

The law states that "a name held by one of his or her siblings may not be imposed on a child born, unless he or she is deceased, nor may its usual translation into another language".

This means that all children of the same parents should be called differently, unless one of them is deceased.

names banned in Spain in 2023

Other cases of banned names in Spain

The Civil Registry also does not allow names of fruit, trademarks or trade names -such as Chanel, Gucci or Aldi; or names of cities, capitals and countries -Tokyo, Berlin or Milan.

Likewise, the law states that "improper, irreverent or subversive names of persons are prohibited, as well as the conversion in the name of the surnames o pseudonyms".

Are there male and female names?

The law prohibits both names that may confuse gender identification and changing the gender in the name in cases where it does not exist. This means that you cannot call a boy Albo or a girl Álvara.

What happens if I give my child a name that is forbidden in Spain?

In the event that the proposed name is rejected and no new proposal is received within three days, the Ministry of Justice may intervene and choose the name of the newborn.

names banned in Spain in 2023

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